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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 March, 2005, 11:24 GMT
Striker, 9, joins league leaders
Roman Abramovich
Abramovich's Chelsea spotted Lewis at a youth tournament
Premiership leaders and Carling cup winners Chelsea are to sign a new striker - a nine-year-old schoolboy.

Scouts spotted Lewis Baker from Luton at a youth competition involving youngsters from clubs Luton, Chelsea, Portsmouth and Leyton Orient.

Lewis, a pupil at Wigmore Primary School, plays for the Icknield Youth side in Luton.

The boy joined Luton Town's "centre of excellence" this season and the club is due to receive a four-figure sum.

Lewis is said to be able to do up to 600 keep-ups in one session.

Chelsea is scheduled to pay Luton Town FC the four-figure sum immediately and more money could be paid to them depending on the youngster's progress.

Lewis's father Audley - himself a six times world powerlifting champion - believes it was his son's performances in the tournament that got Chelsea interested.

The youngster had already caught the eye of scouts from QPR, Charlton, Aston Villa, Derby, Wimbledon and Arsenal, he said.

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