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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 April, 2004, 12:46 GMT 13:46 UK
Former TV man guilty of assault
Frank Partridge
Frank Partridge denied assaulting his partner, Pamela Downs
A former Sky News TV presenter has been ordered to carry out 180 hours of community service after being convicted of hitting his partner.

Magistrates in High Wycombe heard that Frank Partridge, 50, threw a glass of water in Pamela Downs' face and struck her above her left eye during a row.

Partridge, who lived with his partner in Buckinghamshire was also ordered to pay 175 compensation with 500 costs.

The court was told the incident took place at the couple's home last July.

He was convicted of common assault following a trial last month.

Miss Downs, 49, who lived with Partridge in Denham Green, told the court a row had started after he had refused counselling to resolve problems in their 17-month relationship.

She ripped up a photograph of Partridge who, she said, then burst into her office and threw a glass of water over her.

Pamela Downs
Miss Downs said was "terrified" when Partridge chased her
The court heard Partridge then chased her into the garden where he hit her above her left eye.

Partridge denied common assault, claiming he was provoked and had been trying to cool the situation down.

He also said he had not punched her but struck her with an open hand after she threw hot tea at him.

Thomas Brownlow, defending, said the couple's relationship, which started in 2002, had initially been close but had deteriorated prior to the incident.

He said. "It was a squabble between two people who had plainly come to a watershed in their relationship."

He also accused Miss Downs of having "expanded, exaggerated, embellished" what went on.

He said Partridge, a father of three, had shown "genuine remorse" and said the court proceedings had "all but destroyed" his career.

Partridge was sacked from Sky News in December 2001 after a bust-up with co-presenter Kay Burley and at the time of the incident had been working for LBC Radio.

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