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Last Updated: Friday, 20 February, 2004, 11:08 GMT
Airship hangar is home to Batman
Batman logo
Christian Bale will play Batman in the new film
A huge indoor film set - thought to be one of the world's largest - is being built for the new Batman movie at a hangar in Bedfordshire.

The giant building at Cardington, which is 150ft high and 800ft long, was once used for the construction of airships.

For the next two years it is being rented by Warner Bros.

The hangar, one of two which can be seen for miles around, is in easy reach of London's Shepperton Studios where most filming will take place.

The movie, called The Intimidation Game, will star Christian Bale as Batman and Sir Michael Caine as Alfred the butler.

The set will take nearly three months to complete with filming due to start at Cardington in April.

Up until two years ago the hangar was used to carry out large scale fire and explosion studies.

Airship hangars at Cardington
Number two hangar was moved to Cardington from Pulham in Norfolk
A spokesman for its owners, the Building Research Establishment (BRE), said: "Warner Bros have signed a lease with BRE to hire Cardington No 2 hangar for a period of two years to use as a film studio.

"They will be using the hangar to film part of the motion picture called The Intimidation Game."

A studio worker said staff had been told the set was going to be one the biggest indoor sets ever.

The hangar was originally built at the Pulham Airship base in Norfolk.

It was transported to Cardington in the 1920s to house the R100 - the first privately built airship, designed by Barnes Wallis, to accommodate up to 100 passengers in luxury.

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