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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 January, 2004, 16:29 GMT
Public respond to 999 murder plea
Robert Workman
It is unclear why widower Robert Workman was shot
Detectives investigating the murder of a retired army officer have received more than 80 calls from the public after releasing the tape of a 999 call.

A spokesman said the calls had yielded some interesting information, but police have yet to trace the caller who asked for an ambulance to be sent to the colonel's Hertfordshire home.

Some of the callers were offering theories about who killed 83-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Robert Workman, known locally as Riley.

He was killed by a single shot from a 12-bore shotgun in the doorway of his home at Furneux Pelham on the evening of 7 January.

His body was found by his carer the next morning.

Voice experts

The anonymous caller rang for an ambulance at 0457 GMT the morning after the shooting from a public phone kiosk in Braughing, about three miles from the murder scene.

Police said they had received more than 3,500 "hits" on their website from people wanting to listen to the audio file of the 999 call, which was made hours after the crime.

Voice experts say they think the caller was a man aged over 50, and possibly over 60, who was not disguising his accent.

The caller initially appeared to ask the ambulance service to attend "Hollyhock Cottage, The Causeway", Furneux Pelham, but he spelt out the name as "Hollycock".

Lt Col Workman's address is Cock House, but police said it was listed as Hollyhock Cottage in the phone directory.

During Wednesday night officers stopped about 100 people on the road outside the house in an effort to find witnesses and fresh information.

They also talked to about 50 people near the telephone kiosk at Braughing between 0300 GMT and 0700 GMT on Thursday.

Meanwhile, a retired district judge from Berkshire has been warned that whoever killed the pensioner might have been after him because he has the same surname.

But Timothy Workman, who has presided over high-profile terror cases, said he does not believe he was the target.

"I think this is just one line of inquiry and I think it is not a matter that is causing me undue concern," he said.

Hertfordshire Police said they had contacted a "small number of people" with similar names as they try to find a motive for the shooting.

Click here to listen to a recording of the 999 call

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