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Last Updated: Monday, 7 April, 2003, 13:07 GMT 14:07 UK
"No-frills" cinema comes to town
The Point cinema
There will be no box office in the cinema
The UK's first "no-frills" cinema will be housed in Milton Keynes.

The Point, which was the first multi-screen cinema in the country, is to be taken over by Easycinema.

The 10-screen multiplex in the centre of town on Midsummer Boulevard will open in May.

Easycinema is part of the Easygroup owned by entrepreneur Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

Tickets will be priced from 20p up to 5.

If moviegoers buy a ticket on-line a few weeks in advance, they will pay the lowest price.

For those who do not buy in advance, there will be a computer with an Internet connection in the cinema itself.

James Rothnie from Easygroup said Milton Keynes was chosen because it has a specific catchment area and competition from an existing cinema.

"We want to see how many more people we can get to go to the cinema more often using price as an incentive," he said.

If the scheme is successful it will be a model for others as the company expands across the UK and in Europe.

Mr Rothnie said that Stelios Haji-Ioannou would like the first film shown at the Milton Keynes complex to be My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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