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Relatives of UK family shot in Pakistan 'live in fear'

By Rahila Bano
BBC Asian Network

Mohammad Yousaf and his daughter Tanya
Mohammad Yousaf and his daughter Tanya were killed in Pakistan

Manzoor Akhtar, the sister of the UK man shot dead with his wife and daughter in Pakistan, says her family has been left terrified by the killings.

Mohammad Yousaf, 51, his wife Pervez, 49, and daughter Tanya, 23, were killed at a cemetery near Gujrat on 20 May after a family dispute.

Two of the alleged gunmen are now on the run in Pakistan.

Ms Akhtar, speaking from her home in Nelson, Lancashire, said the family was "living in fear".

"We just think that there is no protection at all," she said.

"From what we have seen in Pakistan we just think anything can happen to us at any time. To be honest, we cannot trust anybody now."

I don't have any faith in Pakistan police but we will have to see
Manzoor Akhtar

Ms Akhtar came back to the UK a day before the shootings following a wedding in Pakistan.

She returned to Pakistan for the funerals of her brother, sister-in-law and niece before arriving back in England on Tuesday.

"He [Mr Yousaf] was more like a father to me than a brother," she said.

"We are in a big shock since it happened. We have lost everything. We are devastated with what's happening.

"We went for a happy event with the wedding but we've come back crying and screaming having lost three members of our family."

'We want justice'

The killings are believed to have been triggered by a divorce between Mr Yousaf's son and a girl in the nearby village.

Of the four gunmen, one was killed while another was arrested at the scene.

The other two - understood to be Mrs Yousaf's nephews - are on the run.

Local police in Gujrat insist the pair will be treated fairly if they give themselves up, but Ms Akhtar is unhappy with the authorities in Pakistan.

"How can they say fairly?" she aked. "Do they not realise what they have done?

"How can they be dealt with fairly when they have killed three innocent people?

'Push the police'

"We have not had much [support from authorities in Pakistan]. They just said that it is a family matter and 'we can't do much'.

"I expected them to find the killers who are on the run. There are two people of the four on the loose to kill us and we are not getting any support or protection at all."

Ms Akhtar added: "We are going to see what happens in terms of how much the authorities here will help us.

"We just want justice for our family. We want the people to be caught and to be put to justice.

"I don't have any faith in Pakistan police but we will have to see. The police here should help. They should push the Pakistan police to find the killers."

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