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New home for blind dog and guide

Bonnie and Clyde
The dogs were found during a storm three weeks ago

A new home has been found for a blind border collie and his very own guide dog which were both found on a country road in Suffolk.

The dogs, who have been named Bonnie and Clyde, were taken to Meadowgreen Dog Rescue Centre, near Loddon, Norfolk, and could not be separated.

The rescue centre began a search for a home for the two dogs and a new owner has now been found.

More than 500 people came forward to offer a home for the pair.

It is thought Clyde lost his sight because of a degenerative disease.

Cherie Cootes, from the rescue centre, said: "If Clyde's unsure where he is, he will suddenly go behind Bonnie and put his face on the back of her so she can guide him, he totally relies on her.

"And when she walks she tends to stop and make sure he's there - she does look out for him.

"When she's about you wouldn't notice he is blind, but when she's not about he refuses to move."

The dogs were found running through Blundeston, near Lowestoft in Suffolk, during a storm three weeks ago.

Neither Clyde, who is thought by the rescue centre workers to be about five years old, nor Bonnie, whose estimated age is two or three, had identifying collars or chips.

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