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Thief returns journal to parents


Thief returns journal to grieving parents

A thief has been captured on CCTV footage returning the diary of a woman killed in a car crash to her parents' home on the Hampshire-Wiltshire border.

A figure was filmed bringing back the journal written by Lisa Wilson who died in a car accident in Australia in 2002.

Her parents kept the journal and other mementoes of their daughter's final days in a safe which was ripped out during the burglary on 30 November.

Lisa's father, Clive Wilson, 56, said: "This is the best Christmas present."

The thief returned to the Wilsons' house a week after the burglary in Nomansland, between Southampton and Salisbury, while the couple were at a Christmas party.


The burglar was caught on CCTV cameras installed outside the house putting the stolen items in a cat basket.

He or she also gave back postcards, letters and photos belonging to 23-year-old Lisa but kept valuable family items including jewellery.

Mr Wilson said: "Lisa's journal was irreplaceable, it was full of her words and she will never be able to say anything to us again.

"We have had all her special thoughts returned to us which is amazing. In some ways it brings her back to life for us.

Lisa's mother, Patricia Wilson, 59, said: "She saw the good in everyone, no matter who they were. I think she touched the hearts of those guys who broke into our house.

"It proves her point that there is good in everyone."

Lisa's parents have set up a trust fund in memory of their daughter and have so far raised 160,000 to help students with financial problems.

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