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Cash for east-west rail link plan

Plans for a railway line linking Oxford and Cambridge have moved a step closer after 2m of government funding was allocated to the project.

The East West Rail consortium wants to to reinstate the line between Oxford and Cambridge through Buckinghamshire.

The consortium was formed in 1995 by Ipswich Borough Council and includes local authorities, railway firms and businesses along the expected route.

The plans will now move from the feasibility stage to the design stage.

Patrick O'Sullivan, from the East West Rail consortium, said: "Up until now we have been doing a lot of studies but now we are actually in the business of doing some design work.

"We have more or less decided what sort of train services we are going to operate so we are now in the position to design the infrastructure that will enable the trains to run - upgrading of the track work and also replacing and putting in new track where the line is closed at the moment."

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