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Police do lottery win risk report

A police force has carried out a risk assessment in case a syndicate of its workers wins the lottery and leaves.

Thames Valley Police said many different risks that could affect the force had been assessed, including terror-related matters and power cuts.

The assessments were presented as part of a report to the Thames Valley Police Authority on Friday.

Unfortunately for the syndicate, a police spokesman said the chances of a win had been assessed as "very low".

'Isn't one off'

But he added: "It's one of those things that even if there's a chance, then if it happens you need to make sure these things are in place."

The spokesman refused to reveal what contingency plans had been agreed, adding: "It's not something we really want to make a big thing of.

"I'm sure this isn't a one-off.

"I'm sure other organisations do this," he said.

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