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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 March 2008, 20:57 GMT
Biometrics mean cashless lunches
Canteen at Hillview School for Girls
Hillview School for Girls has had the biometric system for two years
Pupils at a secondary school in Sussex are preparing to pay for their meals with their fingertips in a move to make lunchtime transactions "biometric".

From June, children at Warden Park School, in Cuckfield, will just need to place a finger on a pad - their parents will have already credited an account.

The school said the process would cut time spent queuing and reduce costs.

Hillview School for Girls, in Tonbridge, has had the system in place for two years.

Data destroyed

The process, designed by VeriCool, works by scanning 125 points along the tip of the middle finger, which is then turned into a numerical code that is individual to each child.

Last year, schools were given official guidelines to clarify how they could use and store pupils' biometric information, such as fingerprints.

Other schools in the UK also use biometric systems for registration and for taking books from libraries.

The guidance said schools must destroy data when pupils leave school and not share any such biometric information.

Pupils use fingerprints to pay for school lunches

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