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No charges after robber's death
Liam James Kilroe
Liam Kilroe was stabbed with his own knife
A shopkeeper has said he is "relieved" to not face a murder charge after a man who tried to rob him was stabbed to death with his own knife.

Liam Kilroe, of Billinge, Merseyside, was wanted by police when he was killed in Skelmersdale on 17 February.

Police believe he was trying to rob Tony Singh, who owns the Lifestyle Express shop in Birleywood, Lancashire.

The CPS has decided not to prosecute Mr Singh. The shopkeeper says he does not know how Kilroe's injury was caused.

Mr Singh was initially arrested but later bailed pending further inquiries.

Kilroe, who had previous convictions for assault and robbery, died from a single stab wound to the chest after smashing the window of the car Mr Singh was sitting in and trying to mug him.

The shop
Tony Singh was on his way home from his shop when he was attacked

In a statement the shopkeeper said: "I would like to say how relieved I am at the decision that I am not going to be prosecuted for any offence as a result of the incident last Sunday, 17 February.

"I was subject to a violent and unprovoked knife attack. I tried to get away from the attacker but was left no option other than to defend myself.

"In the course of the attack, I was stabbed to the head, causing what could have been a life-threatening injury, and also suffered repeated stab wounds to my back.

"In the struggle with my attacker, I understand he suffered an injury but I do not know how the injury was caused.

"I extend my sympathy to the Kilroe family who after all have lost a son."

Just days before the fatal incident, Lancashire Police appealed for Kilroe to hand himself in after he failed to appear at court to face armed robbery charges.

Those who use reasonable force in defending themselves will enjoy the full protection of the law
John Dilworth

Following the announcement not to prosecute Mr Singh over the attack, Det Supt Mick Gradwell of Lancashire Police said: "This was a violent attack on Mr Singh by a convicted armed robber.

"My recommendation was that Mr Singh should not be prosecuted and I am pleased that the Crown Prosecution Service has agreed with that."

John Dilworth, assistant district Crown prosecutor for South West Lancashire, said Mr Singh was acting in self-defence.

"While this case does not concern a householder defending themselves against an intruder, it has very similar considerations," he said.

"The CPS understands that anxiety may sometimes be felt by innocent members of the public if they are obliged to defend themselves from attack.

"The Director of Public Prosecutions is determined to ensure that those who use reasonable force in defending themselves will enjoy the full protection of the law - they will not be prosecuted."

Tony Singh will not face Liam Kilroe murder charge

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