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Last Updated: Saturday, 8 December 2007, 14:01 GMT
Film-maker joins Cadbury protest
Bournville protest
A protest was held at the Cadbury factory, Bournville last week
Award-winning film-maker Ken Loach has led a rally in protest against the closure of a Cadbury factory.

Hundreds of workers marched through Keynsham, near Bristol, on Saturday in a bid to stop the chocolate giant closing its plant in the town.

An estimated 500 jobs are set to be axed under proposals to move production to Poland.

Cadbury also plans to restructure its Bournville plant in Birmingham, leading to a further 200 job losses.

Loach, 71, who directed Kes and Cathy Come Home, referred to his factory worker father as he spoke to employees near the Keynsham plant.

He added: "Many families depend on this plant for their jobs, for their stability, for their security.

"Obviously if that closes, it'll have a devastating effect on the families. It's a pity the owners don't think of this when they announce these plans to maximise their profits."

Spokesman for the Unite union Andy Nichols said: "There were several hundred gathered before we even started.

"We are delighted with the turnout and tremendously grateful to Ken Loach for supporting our cause.

"Support to keep this plant open is getting stronger and stronger. We feel confident we can avert strike action.

"We are still in talks with the company and as the pressure gets stronger our message slowly gets through."

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