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Wokingham the 'best' city to live
MP John Redwood said people are the centre of Wokingham's success
A town in Berkshire has been named as having the best quality of life in Britain, according to a survey.

Halifax Estate Agents ranked Wokingham as number one in their 2007 survey based on a range of factors.

These included life expectancy, weather, earnings, house prices, health, crime and education.

They said that the top 10 local authorities with the best quality of life were all located in the south east of England.

Wokingham's MP, John Redwood said it was the people who made the town successful.

"It is the people, and the people get on with their own lives and make a very productive contribution to local community and the nation's economy and they take responsibility which is very good," he told the BBC.

Bigger homes

Halifax found that households in the town were the healthiest in the nation, with 95% in "good" or "fairly good" health.

At the same time, newborn babies had a life expectancy of 80 years - said to be one of the highest in the country.

The second annual survey showed that average earnings in Wokingham - at 744 a week - were in the top 5% of all local authorities and 84% of people own their own home, which were bigger than normal with an average of six rooms.

GCSEs were also above average and the area enjoyed 90 minutes more sunshine each week than the UK average.

After Wokingham, the real estate agent said the others were South Buckinghamshire, Chiltern, Surrey Heath, Hart, Elmbridge, Waverley, Tandridge, Wycombe, and West Berkshire.

Wokingham granted borough status
26 Jan 07 |  Berkshire

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