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Last Updated: Friday, 28 September 2007, 16:55 GMT 17:55 UK
Sixty-mile jam clears after crash
M25 traffic jam (picture from Highways Agency traffic camera)
The crash led to major delays on the London orbital motorway
Traffic queues on the M25 which were reported to have reached up to 60 miles after a lorry jack-knifed have cleared.

The lorry shed a load of soil and went through the central reservation between junctions four and five in west Kent, clockwise, at about 1330 BST.

The Highways Agency said anticlockwise queues stretched back to junction 22 for St Albans on the 117-mile motorway.

The agency said delays "merged with other queues leaving over 60 miles of queues with small patches moving well".

Half an hour after the accident, tailbacks were up to 20 miles in both directions, back to the Dartford crossing, and Reigate in Surrey, and passing the M23 junction for Gatwick Airport, West Sussex.

In a statement at 1630 BST, Kent Police said there was still heavy disruption back to Dartford.

Recovery operation

Police said that other vehicles were not believed to have been involved in the incident, and no-one was thought to have been injured.

A spokesman said there was some damage to the central reservation barrier, and soil was across the carriageway.

Earlier, the Highways Agency said three clockwise lanes had been blocked by emergency crews dealing with the HGV, with traffic passing on the hard shoulder.

One lane was also closed on the anticlockwise carriageway.


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