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Police search for '176mph biker'
Radar that clocked Timothy Brady (Copyright Thames Valley Police)
Timothy Brady was clocked at 172mph
When Timothy Brady was caught doing 172mph in a Porsche 911 Turbo in January he was the fastest driver police had caught in a speed trap.

But six other motorists - four bikers and two car drivers - have been caught and convicted for travelling between 150mph and 175mph, and police are still searching for one biker who is known to have topped the speed Brady was going.

The unknown motorcyclist posted a film of himself on the internet showing him speeding at 176mph on a dangerous stretch of road.

The footage shows the motorcyclist racing another bike on the A628 Woodhead Pass in South Yorkshire, in wet conditions and low light.

The footage appeared on the LiveLeak website under the title "176 MPH MotorBike Rider" with the caption, "A Yorkshire lad out for a spin opens her up slightly :)".

Another motorcyclist, Daniel Nicks, strapped a camcorder to his helmet and sped along the A41 in Hertfordshire at 175mph on his Honda Fireblade before crashing.

He was jailed for six weeks and banned from driving for two years, in December 2000.

High speed crash

Before Brady, the previous highest recorded speed in a car to result in a conviction was 156mph, by Aberdeen car dealer Jason McAllister.

In 2003 he was jailed for five months and banned from driving for four years for driving too fast in a BMW M3 on the A90, between Aberdeen and Dundee.

Motorcyclist Andrew Osborne reached the highest speed ever recorded by police on a British road before Brady was caught, when he was clocked riding at 157mph.

He was jailed for 28 days after he was caught speeding on his 1,200cc Kawasaki motorbike on the A412 near Buckingham.

Friend and fellow biker Neil Bolger was also jailed for 28 days after being clocked doing 148mph while following Osborne.

Two other men have been convicted for doing speeds exceeding 150mph.

In May 2002, Lee Beddis was banned from driving for a year and given a community punishment order after a police camera caught him doing 155mph on a motorbike on the A465 in South Wales.

He died in September 2006 after a crash.

And in September 1994, unemployed builder Achille Mazzotta was jailed for six months and banned for four years after being caught doing up to 153mph on the M4 in his BMW.

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