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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 May 2007, 11:22 GMT 12:22 UK
'Mayhem' after boar farm attacked
Wild boar - generic
Piglets died as the boars fought each other
A Cumbrian farmer has spoken of the "mayhem" created on his farm after an attack by intruders believed to be animal rights activists.

Peter Gott, who breeds wild boar at Gatebeck near Kendal, said animals were killed and injured in the chaos caused by fences and walls being pulled down.

Up to five piglets died as boars, normally kept apart, fought each other.

Police say the attack could be linked to damage at a pub in Lancashire, where the farm's boar is on the menu.

It caused mayhem and as far as animal welfare is concerned animals have suffered
Peter Gott, farmer

Mr Gott said the animals had been mixed together after individual pens were opened by the intruders on Thursday night.

"It is like when you put two dogs together who don't know each other - they fight.

"Four or five piglets were trampled to death in the fighting and I'm hoping one pregnant saddleback sow, who has a nasty gash, does not have to abort.

"It caused mayhem internally on the farm and as far as animal welfare is concerned animals have suffered."

He added that tractor and trailer tyres had been slashed.

'Windows smashed'

Cumbria Police said only luck prevented the powerful animals from forcing their way onto the nearby M6.

The Highwayman pub in Burrow, Lancashire, which is supplied with wild boar by Mr Gott, was attacked the following morning.

Graffiti was sprayed on the building's walls, windows smashed and cars parked at the pub were damaged.

A Cumbria Police spokeswoman said: "We are working in close liaison with Lancashire Police to establish if the two incidents are connected and if the attacks are the work of an animal rights group."


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