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Slow-mo marathon man still going
Greg Billingham - slow motion marathon man
Greg Billingham has only just reached Deptford
One man is still running the London Marathon - and will not finish for another five days.

Greg Billingham, from Poynton in Cheshire, was only eight miles into the 26.2 mile event on Tuesday after vowing to run the whole course in slow motion.

The builder, who is raising money for Children with Leukaemia, is "running" one step every five to six seconds.

It means Mr Billingham has only reached Deptford - and does not expect to finish the race until Sunday.

He arrived in London at the weekend and set off with about 36,000 other runners on Sunday.

Although it seems like an easy task, Mr Billingham has been practising on the building site he works on for weeks.

Greg Billingham - slow motion marathon man
Even though I am last, there are a lot behind me
Greg Billingham, slow motion runner

His boss, Steve Woodfinden-Lewis, said: "Greg is a character and it's characters that make the world - we like characters.

"We do miss him and it has slowed down quite a lot without him being here."

Mr Billingham said he has had lots of support on the route from people who have heard about his efforts.

Speaking on Tuesday, he said: "I reach half way tomorrow.

"But it has been the cheering and support that has been fantastic. Even though I am last, there are a lot behind me."

Martin Lel, the winner in 2005, out-sprinted his rivals to claim his second victory in the London Marathon on Sunday.

The Kenyan won in a time of two hours, seven minutes and 41 seconds - significantly faster than Mr Billingham.

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