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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 March 2007, 10:27 GMT
Dozens of replies to egg donor ad
Richard and Linda Weeks on their wedding day in 1993
The adverts are running for a month and cost 2,000
A childless couple who are advertising on London buses for an egg donor have received more than 60 responses to their poster appeal.

Richard and Linda Weeks, of Maidstone, Kent, have spent 2,000 on a month-long advertising campaign which began on Monday on 50 buses.

Mrs Weeks said: "We are cautiously delighted as there is no guarantee that we will definitely get a donor."

She has been unable to have a child despite years of fertility treatment.

Mr and Mrs Weeks got married in 1993, and the bus adverts include a wedding day photo.

They read: "We'll never be Mummy and Daddy unless a wonderful woman aged 36 or under can help us by donating some of her eggs."

Mrs Weeks, 54, said on Tuesday: "To have more than 60 people come forward is fantastic.

"[But] we'd still like more people, because some will drop out because they will not be medically suitable or for some other reasons."

The bus appeal follows unsuccessful adverts in the couple's local shops last year, to which 80 people replied.

Responding to concerns about her age, Mrs Weeks has previously said: "If egg donation is successful, I know I would be in my 70s when my child is still at school - but what's so wrong in wanting a little one to love and cherish?"


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