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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 February 2007, 15:33 GMT
MEP campaigns for poultry workers
Turkey burgers
Demand for turkey products is down because of scare
An MEP is campaigning for more support for poultry workers laid off after bird flu cut demand for their products.

Many of the 130 workers at Bernard Matthews' Great Witchingham site in Norfolk are Portuguese.

Local MEP Richard Howitt believes they may struggle to find other employment after the bird flu outbreak in Suffolk has cut demand for poultry products.

He believes the European Union should give them financial and other support and plans to lobby for this.

Trade union officials have been meeting with the Portuguese workers this weekend.

They want to ensure there has been fair play to the foreign workers.

Miles Hubbard from the TGWU said if there is an upturn in business the people laid off could soon be back in work.

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20 Feb 07 |  Business

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