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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 February 2007, 12:52 GMT
Parliament debates Fens flooding
Flooded water meadows in winter at Welney
An MP is blaming a lack of investment in drainage systems for the continued flooding of main roads in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire this winter.

South West Norfolk MP Christopher Fraser has secured a parliamentary debate and will question investment.

He said the A1101 at Welney, Norfolk, had been closed by flood waters for 70 days causing inconvenience.

The Environment Agency responsible for local drains blamed excessive rainfall for this year's heavy flooding.

Mr Fraser said he would call on the government to take steps to address the problem of flooding, which has caused havoc in the Fens around Welney on the Norfolk-Cambridgeshire border.

He will claim the root cause of flooding is the silting up of the Old Bedford River and Hundred Foot Drain.

Rescue plan plea

He said: "For more than two months the A1101 has been under 2ft to 3ft of water.

"The waters may recede for a few days, but every time we have constant steady rain they return.

"It is time that the government and the Environment Agency realised that they cannot ignore the problems of the Fens.

"Communities in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire have had new investment in flood prevention scheme.

The A1101 road is on a causeway across the flood area and was expected to be under water at times
Environment Agency

"These are now pushing the water further down stream where it is causing flooding in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire."

An Environment Agency spokeswoman said: "There has been excessive rainfall this winter following a dry summer.

"Usually the silt build up was taken out to sea by the tidal river in a natural process but it had not happened this year and this was contributing to the extra flooding.

"The A1101 road is on a causeway across the flood area and was expected to be under water at times."

The road is now closed and is not expected to reopen until the end of the month.

Man is rescued from flood water
21 Jan 07 |  Norfolk

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