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Party-goer admits samurai murder
Carie Burns
Carie Burns died after being stabbed twice with the sword
A man has admitted murdering a 21-year-old woman after arguing with her at a house party in County Durham.

Carie Burns, of Kendal, died in hospital after being stabbed with a samurai sword and then run over in the street in Consett in May 2006.

Hugh Penrose, 36, of Thomas Street, Consett, had previously denied the charge at Newcastle Crown Court.

The judge remanded him in custody and told him to expect a life term when he is sentenced on 21 February.

Following the guilty plea, it was revealed that Penrose was jailed for five years in 1995 after stabbing a police constable, Richard Green, with a screwdriver while out stealing cars in Scarborough.

You will appreciate that there can be but one sentence for this offence and that will be a sentence of life imprisonment
Judge David Hodson, Newcastle Crown Court

The North Yorkshire officer was protected by 200 body armour, bought following the death of his wife because he did not want his children to be orphaned if he was killed on the beat.

Miss Burns and Penrose had begun to argue after most guests had left the house party in May.

He stabbed her with the sword and, when she staggered outside, deliberately ran her over with his Ford Mondeo.

Miss Burns had only moved to the area from Cumbria three weeks earlier.

Stun gun

Judge David Hodson told Penrose: "You will appreciate that there can be but one sentence for this offence and that will be a sentence of life imprisonment."

After driving from the scene, Penrose removed the car's number plates before being involved in a confrontation with a bus driver.

He threatened the driver with a long-bladed knife in Craghead, about seven miles from the house party, and fled on foot.

He was arrested about an hour after the attack when armed police officers subdued him with a 50,000 volt Taser stun gun.

Man in court over party stabbing
24 May 06 |  England

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