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Last Updated: Sunday, 4 February 2007, 14:26 GMT
Housing plans not 'sustainable'
Government changes to a plan intended to guide development in the east of England until 2021 have been dubbed "neither deliverable nor sustainable".

The East of England Regional Assembly (EERA) voiced "extreme disappointment" at a lack of infrastructure funding.

It developed the plan for the government but has objected to a further 30,000 homes and their impact on the "quality of life" in the region.

A more detailed response by EERA will be considered on 8 March.

'Precious environment'

Assembly chairman Councillor Sue Sida-Lockett said: "The Assembly is united in rejecting the need for 30,000 more homes, a second runway at Stansted Airport and more jobs and houses without much needed funding to support infrastructure."

In a resolution following a meeting at County Hall in Norwich EERA passed a resolution re-stating the Assembly's suspension of its support for the Plan.

This included opposition to the government's decision not to allow the regional planning process to reconsider the principle of a second runway at Stansted.

EERA had suggested an increase in housing numbers to 478,000 but this was raised to 508,000 by the government.

This has led to accusations that such an increase did not adequately take into account its impact on local communities, infrastructure capacity including the trasnsport network and the environment.

Deputy chair Chris White said: "The region's quality of life and precious environment will be at risk if the government does not listen to the views of local communities."

The Government's proposed changes are now subject to a public consultation period running until 9 March 2007 with the final East of England plan set for publication in the middle of the year.

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