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Man gets 'important' laptop back
Sasha Roberts and Lio (family photo)
"Priceless" family pictures were stored on the stolen laptop
A man has been reunited with a stolen laptop which contained the last family photos of his late wife.

Martin Spinelli offered a 500 reward and posted appeal notices around his home town of Lewes, East Sussex, after the computer was taken by burglars.

He said it was returned to him on Tuesday night by a cab driver who found it dumped in his vehicle.

"For a while I never thought I would see it again. I was shaking when I had it back in my hands," Mr Spinelli said.

His wife, Sasha Roberts, died in September last year in a crash on the M2 in Kent.

Their five-year-old son Lio suffered a broken leg and brain injuries in the accident.

Martin Spinelli and Lio
Martin Spinelli's son, Lio, is being treated for a brain injury

Mr Spinelli's laptop also contained Lio's medical notes, digital copies of X-rays, MRI scan results and foreign consultant contacts.

But he said all that information and "a whole year's worth of priceless memories" were now back in his hands.

"I got a call from a cab driver who was waiting to pick up a fare, he was reading a story in the local paper about it [the theft].

"He matched the serial number in the story to the serial number on a laptop left in his cab on Saturday.

"He came round and it didn't look like any of the files or photos had been erased, so I was completely overjoyed.

"I wrote him a cheque for 500 and off he went into the night."

Thieves stole 'priceless' photos
15 Jan 07 |  England

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