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'They raped me again and again'
My name is Rosemary from Nigeria, and I am 19 years old.

I ran away from my stepmother on my 18th birthday after she tried to force me to be circumcised.

I refused and so she beat me, and burnt me with a hot iron on the insides of my thighs as punishment.

After I ran away I worked on a market in the city and helped out at a brothel, making beds and cleaning. I was sleeping rough as I had no home to go to.

The woman who ran the brothel introduced me to a man who said he would be able to help me.

He said he could help me study in the UK as well as get part-time work. He did not say where I would be working, but I was desperate to get away; I was homeless and afraid of being circumcised.

I had to have sex with five to ten men every day, in the bed I slept in at night

I flew on my own to the UK, on a false passport. I was given a telephone number and told to call it when I arrived.

The plane ticket was arranged by the man and he told me I may have to pay him back once I got to the UK - but he didn't say how much.

When I called the phone number I was given an address and went there by taxi. Two men lived there, with another woman like me.

They made me watch pornographic films, telling me that's why I was here. They raped me again and again and I was kept locked in a room 24 hours a day.

I was only allowed out to go to the toilet. They brought food to the room, but they didn't feed me if they were angry with me for something.

I had to have sex with five to ten men every day, in the bed I slept in at night. If I disagreed or tried to refuse, they beat me up.

Sometimes I asked the customers for help but they just laughed at me.

Finally the other woman in the house helped me to escape and I went to the police.

I am free now but I am scared to go out. I have severe depression and I can't sleep, with nightmares and hallucinations. I can't eat properly and I am still afraid.

Rosemary is not this woman's real name

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