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Money can buy love, study reveals
Contrary to popular belief, money can buy you happiness, a study into lottery jackpot winners suggests.

A Nottingham University study found 97% of 34 people who won more than 1m on the National Lottery were just as happy, if not happier, than before.

Researchers also found money can buy you love - 68% of winners were married pre-jackpot, rising to 75% afterwards.

None missed working or found that the money caused domestic arguments or led to relationship breakdowns.

Only 3% of winners who filled in the questionnaires said they were less happy than before, citing new pressures in their lives.

Myth versus reality

A "Satisfaction with Life" scale was used to determine subjective well-being among winners and non-winners.

But the study found that the expected huge changes in lifestyle were more myth than reality.

Many winners seemed to move into bigger properties (68% of them lived in detached houses compared with 32% pre-win), but they stayed in the same geographical area.

Researchers also found out that despite the fact winners took more holidays, they were not more adventurous in destination choice - 100% had taken a holiday in Britain since their win.

The survey, commissioned by National Lottery operator Camelot, is the first academic study into jackpot winners since the National Lottery began 12 years ago.

Dr Richard Tunney, Psychology Lecturer at The University of Nottingham, said: "The old saying 'money can't buy you happiness' may not be true, but traditional family values, a comfortable home and financial security are clearly key elements to a happy life."

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