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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 October 2006, 15:21 GMT 16:21 UK
Dyson unveils faster hand dryer
Dyson Airblade
Entrepreneur James Dyson has unveiled a new washroom dryer which he said dries hands faster and greener.

Wiltshire-based Dyson has also claimed the Airblade is more hygienic than conventional models.

It is said to dry hands in 10 seconds, using a sterilized "invisible" water mist and filtrated air.

But competitor Excel Dryer, which supplies BAA, said Dyson's claims were similar to their own, and that they have been trading for four years.

Simeon Barnes, director of Excel Dryer, told BBC News: "Our product takes 10 seconds to dry hands, and we also save electricity.

"There appears to be nothing new or unique about this product and I do not believe it poses a serious threat to our business," he added.

The Dyson dryer was extensively tested by the company's in-house microbiologists and scientists at Leeds and Bradford universities, the company said.

Damp hands

Dyson, who invented the bagless vacuum cleaner, said conventional dryers took too long.

People gave up waiting and wiped damp hands on clothes, increasing the risk of spreading bacteria, he said.

"Instead of painfully slow evaporation, the Airblade creates a high speed sheet of air, which gently squeegees your hands dry," the inventor said.

It is thought to use up to 83% less energy than conventional dryers and be cheaper than using paper towels.

The dryer has been tested in hospitals, restaurants, petrol service stations and other public places and will be on the market next month, the company said.

Although the product will be assembled in China, Dyson said it would result in more job creation at the company's base in Malmesbury.

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