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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 August 2006, 09:50 GMT 10:50 UK
Train firm tackles fare dodging
A record number of fare dodgers have been prosecuted for travelling without tickets on trains in the Midlands.

During July 246 people were prosecuted after being caught by inspectors on Central Trains.

Now the rail operator has said it is increasing the number of inspectors and will carry out random checks.

New posters are also going up to discourage fare dodging, which Central Trains says costs the firm 1m in lost revenue each year.

The posters will use the slogan "Don't Want to Buy a Ticket! Fine!" and highlight the different ways tickets can be bought prior to travelling.

We are turning up the heat on people that attempt to travel free of charge
Russell Price, Central Trains

It follows a name and shame campaign introduced in the West Midlands by the firm in March 2005 which has seen fare dodgers named on posters at railway stations.

During that campaign more than 2,000 people were convicted and 421,489 collected in fines, compensation and costs.

The name and shame scheme is being extended to routes in the East Midlands.

Russell Price, head of revenue protection at the firm, said: "We are turning up the heat on people that attempt to travel free of charge on our trains."

He said fare dodging had halved in the West Midlands during the name and shame campaign.

"There will also be random checks on various lines crossing the region so it will be harder than ever to get away with travelling on our trains without a valid ticket."

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