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Birthday skydive for 90-year-old
Mary Armstrong and instructor Clem Quinn
The great grandmother of nine made the jump on Tuesday
A great-grandmother of nine has celebrated her 90th birthday with a parachute jump in Kent.

Mary Armstrong, of East Molesley, Surrey, had planned the jump for Monday but was delayed by bad weather.

She made the 12,000ft jump on Tuesday at Headcorn airfield with instructor Clem Quinn. She has made four jumps, her first at the age of 87.

The jump was in aid of the Brooke charity which cares for working animals in the world's poorest countries.

I feel like a bird
Mary Armstrong

On Monday, she had said: "I am disappointed that I wasn't able to do it today, but I will do it once the weather clears.

"I love the feeling you get when falling through the clouds. I feel like a bird."

And she said: "As I have everything I need in life I don't want presents or a party for my 90th birthday, but for people to sponsor my jump or make donations to the Brooke.

"This jump is nothing at all, not when you think about the wonderful work carried out day in day out by Brooke vets to help poor animals overseas."

Mrs Armstrong, whose actual birthday was four days ago, said she would continue skydiving: "I'll keep doing them until I'm 100."

No nerves

After the jump, she said: "It was beautiful coming down, so quiet and peaceful, with a lovely view.

"It was a lovely experience."

She said she was inspired to take up parachuting four years ago after seeing a video of her granddaughter doing it in Australia.

She said: "I hadn't thought of doing it before. I hadn't had the chance."

And she said when her jump had to be postponed for a day: "I was very cross with God because I was supposed to go yesterday and the weather was awful."

Colin May, owner of the Sky Diving Company, said she didn't show "any nerves at all".

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