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Extreme cellists scale cathedrals
Extreme cellists
The cellists are raising cash for the homeless
A trio of daredevil cellists scaled two cathedrals in the north of England on Friday, in an effort to raise cash for homeless people.

The so-called "Extreme Cellists" are to play on the roofs of Newcastle and Durham cathedrals.

The Sheffield-based musicians - Jeremy Dawson, Clare Wallace and James Rees - are raising cash for Shelter and a spinal injuries charity, Aspire.

The threesome said they were inspired by the sport of extreme ironing.

Extreme ironing aficionados get their kicks by ironing in the open air, often in remote locations, such as mountains, rivers, tall buildings and even mineshafts.

The cellists have been warned to bring protective headgear because of the high number of pigeons that settle on the cathedral tops.

Choir singers

A spokeswoman for Durham Cathedral, which is a World Heritage Site, said: "Hopefully their music will sooth the pigeons' breasts and not cause a mass breakout or fly past.

"The cellists have been warned to bring protective headgear. However, it should be noted that this all takes place just one week before the annual clean up of the pigeon guano."

Jeremy Dawson, 30, said: "We decided to set ourselves quite a challenge.

"As well as being cellists we're all cathedral choir singers, so the thought of playing on cathedral roofs was quite enticing and different.

"We hope to raise the profile of both Aspire and Shelter nationally and raise a fair amount of money for each, as well as entertaining a few members of the public along the way."

The group's visit to the north of England is the end of a tour of all 42 Anglican cathedrals in England.

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