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Last Updated: Monday, 12 June 2006, 23:39 GMT 00:39 UK
'Peeometer' test for gents health
Workplaces are being encouraged to use the peeometer
Gents across Yorkshire have been urged to take the "tinkle test" to check their hydration levels.

Yorkshire Water have developed "peeometers" to help members of the public gauge how well they are performing against the ideal.

The organisation has urged men to use Men's Health Week to make a resolution to check their hydration levels on a regular basis.

A spokesman said men in particular needed to be encouraged to drink water.

'Make a difference'

She said: "It's simple to take the tinkle test.

"All you have to do is compare what your body produces naturally with the colours on the Peeometer.

"The helpful grades then indicate if you should be drinking more or if you're there or thereabouts.

"If they'd rather not carry one, perhaps they can suggest a Peeometer is pinned on the wall in the gents at their workplace.

"We hope gents will use Men's Health Week to begin keeping tabs on their hydration - a habit which really could help make a difference."

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