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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 May 2006, 06:50 GMT 07:50 UK
York 'party capital' of country
York is the party capital of the UK, according to a report into the country's top night spots.

The Party Capital Survey says the city, better known for its historic architecture and medieval heritage, has 27 nightlife venues per square mile.

The North Yorkshire city beats Southampton, Bristol, Liverpool, Leicester, Glasgow and Derby to the top spot for a night on the town.

Also making the top ten are Exeter, Northampton, Plymouth and Newcastle.

The survey by online mapping service Windows Live Local claims there are enough night spots in York to visit a new one each week for the next six years.

But Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield failed to register one nightclub per square mile of the city centre.

Spokesman Stuart Anderson said: "The British love a good night on the town so it's great to see we've got so many places to party.

"Although cities like London, Manchester and Glasgow are better known for their nightlife, when it comes to venues per square mile the likes of York, Southampton and Bristol are beating them hands down."

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