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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 March 2006, 17:48 GMT
Timeline of Gonzalez's killings
From left to right clockwise: Derek and Jean Robinson, Marie Harding and Kevin Molloy
Daniel Gonzalez murdered four people in three days
A man who said he wanted to become a notorious serial killer has been found guilty of stabbing to death four people within three days.

The BBC News website looks at how Daniel Gonzalez, 25, killed two men and two women in a series of attacks in Sussex and north London.

  • 15 September 2004, 1130 GMT - Gonzalez attacks a couple with a steak knife on a pathway in Portsmouth. Peter King suffers non-life threatening injuries

  • 15 September 2004, 1620 GMT - body of Marie Harding found on a footpath in Southwick, near Worthing in West Sussex. She died from stab wounds to the neck and back

  • 17 September 2004, 0530 GMT - body of Kevin Molloy found in Tottenham High Road, north London. He died of stab wounds to the chest, which had been inflicted with a knife stolen from a department store

  • 17 September 2004, 0700 GMT - Koumis Constantinou confronts a man armed with a large kitchen knife in his home in north London. He was stabbed and bitten by Gonzalez, who only ran off when Mr Constantinou's wife ran outside screaming for help

  • 17 September 2004, 0805 GMT - police called to a house in Makepeace Road, north London, where the bodies of Derek and Jean Robinson had been found. They were pronounced dead at the scene

  • 17 September 2004, 1200 GMT - Gonzalez arrested at Tottenham Court Road tube station after buying a ticket with a bloodstained 20 note

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