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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 March 2006, 07:33 GMT
Aid combats chefs' tender problem
Chef heat protector
The protector slips inside a chef's apron
An ex-firefighter from County Durham could have come up with the answer to a kitchen nightmare highlighted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

The TV cook said constant heat from kitchens and stoves could lead to men suffering low sperm counts.

That inspired former fireman Paul O'Dwyer from West Cornforth, to develop a heat-proof protector.

He has set up a company called CoolBerries and has started production of the reflective shields.

The shiny protector slips into the front of an apron and reflects radiated heat away from the chef's most tender area.

It also features an ice pack to keep the reproductive organs cool in the steamiest kitchens.

Radiated heat

Mr O'Dwyer said: "On one of Gordon Ramsay's programmes they were talking about the effects of heat in the kitchen on sperm counts with a fertility expert.

"They conducted tests on Gordon's male chefs and the results were that sperm counts were considerably lower than the UK average.

"The conclusion was that radiated heat from the oven was having a damaging effect on male fertility.

"It doesn't need an enormous influx of heat to do the damage, standing in front of a hot cooker for seven or eight hours a day is enough.

"I worked on it for a while and came up with a shield device."

Mr O'Dwyer said he could not make any medical claims about boosting fertility, but that the shield would protect the groin from heat.

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