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Pest controller guilty of murder
Christopher Nudds, 27, told a cellmate that he shot Fred Moss
Christopher Nudds told a cellmate that he shot Fred Moss
A pest controller has been found guilty at Northampton Crown Court of the murder of a 21-year-old traveller whose body has never been found.

Christopher Nudds told a cellmate he shot Fred Moss in the head before burning his remains, the court heard.

Nudds, 27, of Stocking Pelham, Herts, was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years.

The BBC understands the cellmate also told police that Nudds admitted being involved in the killing of retired Lt Col Robert Workman.

Lt Col Workman, whose killer has never been found, was shot on his doorstep in Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire.

The court heard that Mr Moss was last seen on 30 November 2004 when he left his aunt's home in Essex to go hare coursing.

Fred Moss
Fred Moss had been hare coursing before he disappeared

It was claimed Nudds admitted to a cellmate while on remand in jail that he killed Mr Moss.

Convicted paedophile Darren Horner told the court that the murder was described to him as "100% personal".

Nudds denied making that confession and said the last he saw of Mr Moss was on 30 November 2004 - when he was driven away in a Mercedes car with three other men.

He said Mr Moss had met the men to buy heroin and he had gone along to act as look-out.

The prosecution alleged Nudds killed the traveller on isolated farmland near Royston, shooting him in the head, dismembering his body and burning it.

It is understood that police are now investigating claims that Nudds confessed to being involved in another murder while in prison.

His former cellmate Mr Horner is believed to have told them that Nudds admitted being involved in the killing of retired Lt Col Workman who was shot in January 2004.

Hertfordshire police said they had spoken to Mr Horner but would not comment further.

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