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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 February 2006, 14:59 GMT
Parking fine sparks poetic muse
A driver was taken aback when he received a poem in reply to his appeal to try to get a parking fine quashed.

Andrew Lynch, of Fleetwood, Lancashire, had been given a 30 ticket for parking on the pavement in Keswick, Cumbria.

His appeal was rejected and he sent a cheque and a letter expressing his disappointment. He received a four verse poem in response.

Allerdale Borough Council apologised for the "inappropriate" response and said no offence was intended.

Mr Lynch sent his payment cheque and letter to the council.

The poem in reply read:

"Park only and wholly in a clearly marked bay.
That's what the signs in the car park say.

Note 'no exemption' and just in case, as well.
They add 'improper use' as a caution. How swell!

But you parked on the kerb when you might have gone elsewhere,
And you could have let your people out to taste the Keswick air.

Thus returning to your car you find it sporting a new flag.
The parking man has been and you have been had!

We understand not everyone would appreciate the light hearted nature of the response
Allderdale Borough Council

Your family's had a grand time in Cumbria's premier spot.
The guest house fold were friendly and the food was oh, tip-top.

So much to do, you must return - those Aussies want a spell,
Of staying 'mong the lakes and hills, though here they call them fells.

I hope you'll choose a Lakeland base in Allerdale next year.
It's great to visit, live and work - that's why I live here.

But when you stop please park with care, be sure you'll not get caught.
If parking's hard in Keswick, why not try Maryport."

In a statement, the council said: "We apologise to Mr Lynch. No offence was intended by the tone of the letter and we fully understand that not everyone would appreciate the light hearted nature of the response.

"In the circumstances, we clearly accept that the approach taken was inappropriate."

Mr Lynch has now written his own poem in response.

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