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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 February 2006, 06:30 GMT
UK's fattest cities are revealed
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More than 20% of Britons are obese and three quarters are overweight
Bradford has earned the title of the fattest city in the UK thanks to its residents' fondness for alcohol and fast food, according to a study.

The results were based on the incidence of heart disease, the amount of junk food and alcohol consumed, and the level of gym membership.

Other cities high in the obesity league include Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Southampton was named as the fittest in the study by Men's Fitness magazine.

1 Bradford
2 Liverpool
3 Manchester
4 Newcastle
5 Glasgow

Bradford was in 11th place in 2004 but shot up to fourth last year and is now in the number one spot, overtaking Manchester.

Michael Donlevy, Men's Fitness deputy editor, said: "Bradford has leapt up the standings and earned its title by consuming too much alcohol and takeaway food, watching too much television and not doing enough exercise.

"The truth is, as a nation we are not burning off enough of the calories we consume.

"You can ban smoking in pubs and arrest drunks but who is to stop people gorging on junk food in their own front rooms?"

Adult obesity rates have almost quadrupled in the last 25 years, with 22% of Britons now obese and three-quarters are overweight.

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