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Last Updated: Friday, 6 January 2006, 12:44 GMT
Artist completes cathedral crawl
Mark McGowan and Canon Ron Diss
Mark McGowan was amazed to be allowed to crawl inside the cathedral
A performance artist has completed a 60-mile crawl from London to Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, during which he had aimed to highlight loneliness.

Mark McGowan, 37, was greeted by Canon Ron Diss outside the cathedral at 1130 GMT on Friday.

He crawled inside and then down to a chapel before laying a rose at the shrine to Thomas Becket.

Mr McGowan described his 11-day pilgrimage as having been like his own "little Everest".

"Even though I looked ridiculous crawling along, it's a serious message and people were very friendly," he said.

Canon Diss said: "Pilgrims are always welcome. People in the church have always done strange things to draw attention to a cause."

Mark McGowan begins his crawl from London
Mr McGowan said he did not want to be alone anymore

Mr McGowan, a self-employed house maintenance worker from Peckham, south London, set off on his hands and knees from London Bridge on Boxing Day, saying his stunt was for anyone who has spent Christmas alone.

He wore a sign on his back saying "Could you love me?".

He also carried 18 chocolate boxes attached with string, although only nine survived the journey.

The "utter misery" of being by himself one Christmas had made him want to go out and look for love, he said.

However, having completed his crawl, Mr McGowan said he had realised it was something he had to accept and that "the right person will come along".

He also revealed his next project will be on 23 January at an art gallery in Hamburg, Germany, where he will attempt to break the world hamburger-eating record.

"Hamburgers are much-maligned but to me they're an icon of the Western world," he said.

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