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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 May, 2005, 12:47 GMT 13:47 UK
Worldwide response to 'Piano Man'
Piano Man
The unidentified man was found in a soaking wet suit
A wealth of names and nationalities have been suggested to try to identify a man found wandering in Kent who communicates only through piano music.

Health workers caring for the "Piano Man" could not confirm reports he had been identified as French street musician Steven Villa Masson.

The National Missing Persons Helpline has had hundreds of calls and e-mails.

Information has also been passed to West Kent NHS and Social Care Trust which is following up all leads.

The mystery man was unable to communicate with police or carers after he was found in a street in Sheerness in a rain-soaked suit.

Piano drawing

When staff at the Medway Maritime Hospital gave him a pen and paper in the hope he would write his name, he drew a grand piano.

His carers then put him in front of an instrument in the hospital chapel and he stunned them with a virtuoso classical performance.

Piano drawing
The mystery man produced a pencil drawing of a piano

He has also composed music since he was found.

Social worker Michael Camp said the man, who is in his 20s or 30s, is usually very anxious but "comes alive" when he plays.

On Tuesday, a Polish street mime artist approached police in Rome saying he had worked with the man in Nice.

Social workers are working through a list of at least 300 other names.

The National Missing Persons Helpline has received more than 520 calls and more than 100 e-mails.

Musical experts sought

The trust has been approached by people from Australia, Canada, Sweden, Holland, Italy and France.

"(He) continues to be cared for by the trust, and there has been no change in his condition," a spokesman said.

The man has not said a word since police found him on 7 April. All the labels had been removed from every item of his clothing.

The case has drawn comparisons with the 1996 film Shine which depicts the story of acclaimed pianist David Helfgott who suffered a nervous breakdown.

Anyone who has information about The Piano Man is urged to call the helpline on 0500 700700.

People calling from outside the UK can reach the Missing Persons Helpline on +44 20 8392 4545. People calling from the Irish Republic should dial 00 800 7000 7001.

No leads in 'Piano Man' mystery
17 May 05 |  England

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