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Bottle's message from the grave
John Thompson
John Thompson found the 41-year-old message
A message in a bottle has been found washed up on a Cumbrian coastline 41 years after being thrown into the sea.

The bottle, with the message "Please reply" was thrown into the sea in July 1964 by 13-year-old Kevin Wainhouse, from Moston, in Manchester.

While out walking in Cark-in-Cartmel recently, John Thompson found it and began a search for the owner.

Kevin's brother was traced but he revealed Kevin had died aged 33. The bottle will be returned to his family.

The message was written on the back of a chocolate wrapper and placed inside a cola bottle, sealed with a cork.

It was spooky - like a message from the grave
Tony Wainhouse

It is thought to have been thrown into the sea on the North West coast.

Mr Thompson said: "It had been beaten and battered about and it's a good job they produced strong cola bottles in those days.

"It could have been around the world a couple of times for all I know."

He stuck together the wet wrapper and made out the name Kevin and part of an address Moston, Manchester.

Kevin Wainhouse
Kevin Wainhouse, who died young, wrote the message in 1964

Kevin's brother, Tony Wainhouse, 38, was told of the appeal and saw the handwriting.

He said: "It was spooky - like a message from the grave."

Their mother, Mary, said it brought back poignant memories: "It makes me remember him.

"It took me a long time to get over him dying like that. I was dumbstruck, amazed."

The two sides of the story will meet shortly and the bottle and message returned to the family.

Mr Thompson said: "It would have been nice to be able to get in contact with Kevin and have a drink and see what had happened over the past 41 years. It's very sad."

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