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Dyson's father was also a killer
Paul Dyson
Paul Dyson strangled Joanne Nelson after an argument
Paul Dyson, who admitted murdering his girlfriend Joanne Nelson, had a history of violence, and his father was also a convicted killer.

Dyson, a former bouncer, attacked his wife, Jenny, on their wedding night in 1999, five months after they met. A year later they had a daughter.

He attacked his wife again several times, and in 2001 they separated.

His late father, Peter Dyson, was jailed in July 1967 for six years for the manslaughter of a love rival.

Aged 22 at the time, Dyson senior stabbed John Dickinson, also 22, with a kitchen knife during a fight in Barnsley, South Yorkshire over Mr Dickinson's friendship with Mrs Dyson.

Constant battles

It was while working as a doorman in the bars and clubs of Hull that Paul met 22-year-old Joanne Nelson and they set up home together.

However, the relationship soon came under strain with constant battles over domestic chores.

Matters came to a head on the weekend of 12 and 13 February 2005.

Dyson has failed to fully explain to police what happened that weekend.

However, it is thought Miss Nelson had been asking Dyson to tidy up more and help out around the house.

After one such argument, he lost his temper and throttled her.


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