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Last Updated: Friday, 4 November 2005, 16:30 GMT
Ex-footballer's son awarded 3m
Nigel Spackman
Nigel Spackman's son developed jaundice soon after birth
The 12-year-old son of former Chelsea and Liverpool star Nigel Spackman has won 3m in damages for injuries suffered shortly after his birth.

Frazer Spackman, born in Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot, Berkshire, developed jaundice resulting in brain damage.

His family alleged doctors and hospital staff were negligent in failing to treat the jaundice soon enough.

Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Trust denied liability but agreed to pay the compensation.

'Sorrow and regret'

The 12 year old was in court with the rest of his family, including his father who is now a sports commentator, when the damages settlement was approved by a High Court judge in London.

The court was told that Frazer Spackman and his sister Beth were born prematurely at 34 weeks.

He was described as "charming" and "cheerful" despite his cerebral palsy, deafness and speech problems.

Paul Rees QC, for the NHS trust, said the hospital had since introduced measures for earlier intervention in cases of jaundice.

He said all those involved in the case at the hospital extended "their sorrow and regret that they were unable to prevent a very sad outcome".

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