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Last Updated: Friday, 4 November 2005, 17:31 GMT
Landslide knocks train off tracks
The derailed train
The driver is thought to have hit a pile of clay or mud
A train carrying about 100 people was derailed after it hit a landslide caused by heavy rain in Lancashire.

Network Rail said it was the 12.27pm Transpennine Express travelling from Manchester Airport to Windermere.

The front four wheels of the three-car train came off the tracks two miles south of Lancaster on Friday.

Lancashire Ambulance Service said no-one was injured in the derailment but train services from Preston to Lancaster were seriously affected.

The line was shut between Preston and Lancaster, affecting services also provided by Virgin Trains and Northern Rail.

Passengers 'shaken'

The same line was due to be closed over the weekend for planned engineering works.

Passengers were taken off the train to a nearby nursing home before continuing their journeys by coach.

The driver is thought to have hit a pile of clay and mud caused by the landslip at Scotforth.

Passengers reported feeling "a hell of a shake" before a loud bang as rocks and debris flew from underneath the train.

The train then came to a halt and the power went off.

A Transpennine Express spokesman said: "The passengers were shaken but fortunately there were no injuries and we are now getting people to their destinations by coach.

"The train was slowing down to come into Lancaster station when the incident occurred."

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