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Father's anger at Deepcut report
Deepcut barracks
The four young recruits died at Deepcut Barracks in Surrey
The father of one of the four recruits who died at the Deepcut army barracks said the 1m investigation by Surrey Police "had been a farce".

Private Geoff Gray's father, also named Geoff, dismissed Surrey Police's claim that the investigation was not flawed.

And he said he was unhappy that one police force was scrutinising another.

"I believe it is a rather cosy situation where you have got one police force investigating another police force," he said.

He added: "Surrey Police told us that even though the start of the investigation was not focused, even though there were problems with the mindset, even though it did not follow government guidelines or follow the murder investigation manual, their investigation was not flawed.

"I do not believe that."

The Deepcut camp was mismanaged ... and there was quite a brutal regime in place. What we do not know is how that situation was ever allowed to evolve
Des and Doreen James

Mr Gray said the families had only been shown three pages of the 150-page report released on Friday.

He said the families need to see a full report and not an executive summary.

But Surrey Police insisted "personal, legal and professional confidentialities mean the full report may never be realised".

"It has been a long standing principle that investigative reviews conducted within the Police Service should be given some form of protection to ensure that views can be expressed in an open and candid way," the statement said.

'Something to hide'

But Liberal Democrat Lembit Opik said nothing other that the full publication of the report was good enough.

"They say they can't publish the whole report for legal reasons but they should let us know what the legal reasons are because it just looks like they have something to hide."

Mr Opik, who represents the family of Cheryl James, added: "I am not going away until we see this report. We must know what happened."

The parents of Cheryl James, Des and Doreen, issued a statement which said: "The Deepcut camp was mismanaged at the time of our daughter's death in 1995 and there was quite a brutal regime in place.

"What we do not know is how that situation was ever allowed to evolve and only a public inquiry can ever answer that question."

Jim Collinson, the father of Pte Collinson told BBC Scotland: "Surrey Police's mindset into the investigation was wrong.

"They treated the murder investigation differently as opposed to if it was a civilian death."

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