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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 19:57 GMT 20:57 UK
Fans held after clashes in pubs
The Crescent Arms pub
Glaziers were called to repair windows smashed at the pub
Two pubs in south London have been clearing up after football fans from Brighton and Hove Albion and Crystal Palace clashed ahead of a game.

Landlords in Whitehorse Road, near Selhurst Park, said hundreds of pounds worth of damage was caused.

John Kichenside, of the Palace-supporting Duke of Cambridge pub, claimed the trouble began when away fans were refused entry.

Police arrested 10 people before, during and after Tuesday's match.

Windows smashed

The rival fans threw chairs and other objects at the Duke of Cambridge and The Crescent Arms, forcing both pubs to close.

Mr Kichenside said the whole experience had been very frightening.

"We just did our best to block the doorway and when they realised that they weren't getting into the pub... they smashed the tables and chairs, they broke windows, they picked the sign up, ashtrays, anything they could get hold of," he said.

Crystal Palace FC have refused to comment on the events, but Brighton and Hove Albion FC said in a statement: "The vast majority of supporters behaved themselves, enjoyed the game and got behind the team - they were a credit to the club.

"If there were any so-called fans who misbehaved, then they were very much in the minority."

Crystal Palace 0-1 Brighton
17 Oct 05 |  Championship

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