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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 September 2005, 20:10 GMT 21:10 UK
Childcare group warned of 'hell'
Huntingdon Life Sciences
Firms linked to Huntingdon Life Sciences have been targeted
Animal rights extremists threatened to make life a "living hell" for employees of a nursery linked to an animal testing laboratory, it has emerged.

A letter was sent by the Animal Rights Militia to Leapfrog Day Nurseries because of a child care scheme for Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The note, seen by Channel 4 News, said employees of the nursery would "pay the consequences" for the links.

The scheme was withdrawn by the nursery to protect children and staff.

Leapfrog Day Nurseries - Britain's largest childcare provider - has 102 nurseries nationwide, with units in Beds, Bucks, Herts, Cambs, Essex and Northants.

You can walk away from those sick monsters or you can personally face the consequences of your decision
Animal Rights Militia

They administered a scheme for Huntingdon Life Sciences to give employees child care vouchers which can be used at any nursery.

Huntingdon Life Sciences have long been targeted by anti-vivisection extremists. Supports, including the government, argue that its work is needed to prompt medical breakthroughs.

The letter read: "The company you work for is working with Huntingdon Life Sciences. This is a disgusting and cowardly act. You have a choice.

"You can walk away from those sick monsters or you can personally face the consequences of your decision."

Family target

The note went on: "Not only you but your family is a target.

"... Sever your links with HLS within two weeks or get ready for your life and the lives of those you love to become a living hell."

A spokesman said they were not aware that any children from Huntingdon Life Sciences attended their own nurseries.

In a recent spate of animal rights activism, campaigners recently claimed responsibility for leaving a device outside the home of Paul Blackburn - the corporate controller of GlaxoSmithKline - earlier this month.

Huntingdon Life Sciences carries out cancer and other medical research on animals, which the government has described as vital, but have come under fire from campaign groups.

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