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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 September 2005, 18:32 GMT 19:32 UK
Health workers go for pedal power
Health workers in Darlington are being encouraged to cycle rather than drive around the town.

Darlington Primary Care Trust has secured two bicycles from the local authority under the "Town on the Move" sustainable travel initiative.

Staff can book the 21-speed bikes, complete with carrying panniers, puncture kit and pump, to attend meetings and make visits.

They can also be used for exercise during lunch breaks.

'Fresh air'

Jonathon Smith, head of health improvement with the trust, said: "I have already used them many times and found them to be just as quick as using the car.

"They also mean you don't have to worry about finding somewhere to park at either end of the journey.

"You can reach most parts of Darlington in five to 10 minutes and it's a great chance to get a bit of exercise, a break from the office and a bit of fresh air.

"It really does clear your head."

Council sets up car-share scheme
11 Jan 05 |  England

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