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Last Updated: Monday, 5 September 2005, 13:40 GMT 14:40 UK
South East fuel tops 1 a litre
Petrol station, Langton Green
Prices have risen sharply after Hurricane Katrina
Petrol prices have topped 1 a litre in the South East as fuel costs rise in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Some of the highest prices reported in England on Monday included 1.03 a litre near Tunbridge Wells, and 1.05 at a garage near Derby.

Last week, the average price in the region was 92.45p a litre which rose to 94p at the weekend, with more rises expected in coming weeks.

Prices increased sharply after Katrina shut oil rigs and refineries in the US.

The Langton Green Texaco garage, on the border of Kent and Sussex, raised its price on Saturday morning. It had fallen back from 103.9p to 99.9p on Monday evening.

Customers at the garage told BBC South East Today they had thought of walking more, or using the car less, although one man said it would make no difference to his car use.

New Orleans
The US had to close oil rigs and refineries

The Petrol Retailers Association has said it is not "inevitable" that most customers will soon be paying more than 1 a litre for their petrol, but that prices are expected to fall in the autumn when demand traditionally eases.

Motoring groups have called on the government to cut fuel excise duty to ease the burden on consumers of higher petrol costs.

Across the UK, average diesel prices now stand at 97.3p - up from 95.8p - and are expected to top 1 in the coming weeks.

  • BBC South East Today wants to hear from people who have seen petrol stations selling unleaded fuel for more than 1. Email the programme at southeastoday@bbc.co.uk

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