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Last Updated: Monday, 5 September 2005, 10:19 GMT 11:19 UK
Man washed up after causeway nap
Holy Island causeway - freefoto.com
Holy Island is cut off from the mainland twice a day
A man has been rescued after his camper van was washed off a tidal causeway in Northumberland while he was asleep.

The causeway connects Holy Island to the mainland and is covered twice a day by the sea.

The driver, from the Sunderland area, had parked up and went to sleep early on Monday, thinking he was on the other side of the causeway.

But he woke up surrounded by water, and the Seahouses lifeboat and a helicopter from RAF Boulmer were launched.

They found the van 600m (656yd) north of the causeway, with the man standing on the roof.

Mike Green, from the Humber Coastguard, said: "Apparently this person had been leaving the island yesterday evening and had parked up thinking he was on dry land.

"The tide came in and the next thing he knew his camper van was floating.

"We believe that, at the time, he was asleep while the tide was coming in and woke up with water all around his vehicle."

The man was taken to the mainland and was not hurt during the incident.


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