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Last Updated: Sunday, 14 August 2005, 12:14 GMT 13:14 UK
Police block M-way to pick up toy
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The toy flew out of the window to land on the central reservation
Police closed a section of the M11 to rescue a girl's soft toy after it flew from the family car in a gust of wind.

Amy Osborn, 10, was returning home to Ramsgate, Kent, from holiday in Essex when her cuddly tiger, Tyrone, escaped through the sunroof.

Her father Simon, who called out Essex Police, said: "One of the officers had children and probably knew the importance of these things."

Police said their action was a "minor inconvenience" to avoid Amy's distress.

The police are obviously very busy ... but I think it's great. It shows their social input and it's something we should be proud of
Simon Osborn

He said the family travelled to the next junction and then turned back to look for the toy.

"It was in the central reservation and there was really not much we could do," he said.

"In desperation, we thought we would call the highway police. They called us when we got home and said they had managed to retrieve the little thing - and popped it in the post for us."

He said the bear had not arrived at the weekend but that Amy - who has owned Tyrone for five years - would be waiting at the door at her home in Ramsgate on Monday.

Mr Osborn added: "The police are obviously very busy and have other things to get on with, but I think it's great.

Road blocked 'for capture'

"It shows their social input and it's something we should be proud of."

A spokesman for Essex Police said: "(Officers) put in a rolling road block for a couple of minutes and so got out safely to capture Tyrone."

Defending the use of police resources, he said: "Any parent would know the distress that their child might suffer from the loss of such a toy.

"It was a minor inconvenience to motorists which I am sure would have been acceptable to all those who have had experienced similar circumstances."

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